How do we use it at FunCorp, and why it’s one of our most important tools

Going by the most recent reports, the number of users for smartphones will hit a whopping 3.8 billion by the year 2021. This sweeping increase in smartphone users has also led to a rising demand for better mobile apps. These modern apps also use tremendous amounts of data, and thus, a robust management tool for analyzing and managing this data has become a necessity. And this is where the use of Big Data technology for building apps comes into the picture.

At FunCorp, we use big data as a driver for company development. Almost all departments of the company use analytics to make decisions:

  • The Product team uses the data to analyze and predict user behavior and develop hypotheses for A/B tests and further analysis.
  • The Machine Learning team uses the data to generate recommendations.
  • The Engineering team uses the data on the stability of the primary services, on the state of our leading platforms for iOS, Android, and the online platform.
  • For User Acquisition…

Importance of this pivotal team in three stages

In the last two decades, online platforms that permit users to interact and upload content for others to view have become integral to many people’s lives and benefit society. In recent years, moderation of social or communication technology products has become very relevant and high demand. Such services, including our iFunny, iDaPrikol, WHLSM, and ABPV, were created to bring people closer and allow them to share content and make new friends.

However, companies did not consider any ways to implement full content pre-moderation, news verification, or elimination of potentially malicious humor. But…

Leading up to TikTok’s potential sale in the U.S., unnoticed by many, there was a flash of news that ByteDance refused to disclose its recommendation algorithm and sell it as part of the American company. On the one hand, it’s a small thing, as most of the algorithms were developed in the last 70–80 years. The company that will buy TikTok will get a huge audience. On the other hand, tech companies and their recommendation systems are of great value. Let’s find out why.

Social Networks

For many years, people have used recommendations. First, it was from the advice of…

How machine learning affects social media content?

What was once seen as fiction in scientific movies has become a reality and has gained popularity across various sectors. Your smartphones, mobile applications, vehicles, and many other daily consumer items use AI to build essential parts of their business or product around machine learning (ML). Even more so, becoming more integrated into many aspects of social media AI is far from replacing human touch in social media. It is increasing both the quantity and quality of online interactions between businesses and their customers.

The use of such algorithms in social content projects…

2020 was supposed to be an exceptional year for digital media. In the mass media, there appears to be more news about various companies downsizing. Although the situation is very unpleasant, it’s very predictable while only needing a small event trigger it. In recent years, there came considerably more venture money than projects, and many companies have used it without investing the money they received into the company’s fundamental values. Part of this can be attributed to not having a reliable business model and, in return, only providing enough to survive merely.

At first glance, the business model is very…

The spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is sending shock waves across the globe as we all try to adapt to a new reality. And with these challenging times, businesses are scrambling to figure out what the future means. One essential item is what will 2020 look like for mobile apps, and what will be the impact of the pandemic on their marketing budgets? With so many unknown factors arising from this unprecedented global event, it’s too soon to answer this accurately. However, when it comes to mobile app usage, there are clear signs of increasing audience activity due to quarantine…

One-fifth increase of community growth in March

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly changed life as we know it. Globally, we have seen it change in how we interact with others. Almost overnight, schools were closed, companies told employees to work remotely and people are being told not to go outside.

One of the largest common denominators for those looking to connect with the outside world is through social media.

Recently, FunCorp a global entertainment and social media meme application developer took a closer look at its user data. The data itself reveals that social distancing equates to a social pandemic…

Denis Litvinov

CIO at FunCorp

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