How do we use it at FunCorp, and why it’s one of our most important tools

Going by the most recent reports, the number of users for smartphones will hit a whopping 3.8 billion by the year 2021. This sweeping increase in smartphone users has also led to a rising demand for better mobile apps. These modern apps also use tremendous amounts of data, and thus, a robust management tool for analyzing and managing this data has become a necessity. And this is where the use of Big Data technology for building apps comes into the picture.

At FunCorp, we use big data as a driver for company development. Almost all departments of the company use analytics to make decisions:

  • The Product team uses the data to analyze and predict user…

Importance of this pivotal team in three stages

In the last two decades, online platforms that permit users to interact and upload content for others to view have become integral to many people’s lives and benefit society. In recent years, moderation of social or communication technology products has become very…

How machine learning affects social media content?

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One-fifth increase of community growth in March

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly changed life as we know it. Globally, we have seen it change in how we interact with others. Almost overnight, schools were closed, companies told employees to work remotely and people are being told not to go outside.

Denis Litvinov

CIO at FunCorp

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